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Taken and first. On the train.

I am single not because nobody wants me. There is a waiting list, but unfortunately I can’t control who is on this list. I don’t care, if they wait.

I am tired not because I never rest. There is a to do list, but unfortunately I am not able to put myself first.

I fail permanently to be top priority for myself. Being single and unemployed makes me less organized.

I need to merge two lists together. I want to be taken and prioritized.


While writing these lines I fell asleep few times. Only stupid people can take 5 AM trains.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic #1

Reply to my Friday excitement: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/relic/
I like to reply to challenge with one picture. But this time I got too emotional and failed.


It’s my grandma’s home. My mother was born here.
I spent my long childish and reckless summers here.13897283500_73bafd31c9_k(1)
It takes me more than hour to drive here, but I still come to relive my memories, to write, to read, just to be here.

Nobody lives here.  I can see the furniture I adored, look at photographs of people I don’t know, read my letters to grandma, touch  her handbags and dresses…




15 years the house is abandoned, but still full of memories I want to cherish.

14658676313_462e4bb290_kSometimes I come here just to paint it red…

Wind of change


– What are going to do now?- it was the only question,  if I only mentioned quitting my job.
– I gonna have well deserved summer holidays, will think about new ideas and maybe I will get married, – my answer was funny and honest.

I had nothing but the world to embrace. I was tired and wanted to have suntanned legs, to travel, to meet new people. Move somewhere far away and live my ideal laptop lifestyle. Words about marriage were only self protecting shell to reflect my laid back attitude to the problem of being jobless.

I am not dating a guy, but who cares?
It’s good to be unemployed.
Eating blueberry cake the whole day…
The rest will follow: suntanned legs, the different time zone and one day my wedding dress with pockets…

Be brave to say out loud what you wish for,  it may happen. Very soon.

Post #100: My heroes and their goddess

photo(20)Woman is strong till she meets her Weakness.

Strange enough, I do attract certain type of men. Different –  past rockers, hippies, bikers, scientists, writers or promising youngsters. Different facial shapes, hair or skin colors, heights and weights, nationalities and eating preferences.

All of them – with dimple chin. Not very visible, but  always present. I never noticed that rule, until my friend, who studied faces reading once pointed it out.

“A dimple on the chin, the devil within.”
―Pope Paul VI

It’s interesting what in my face attracts them? I have nothing very special except my broken nose and distinct lips.


“You gonna be my woman”, he said the next day. Even before first kiss, before long romantic walks, before our past stories and future plans, before dinner, sex and breakfast.

Man is much harder when he meets his Weakness…

Do I want to be his Weakness? I doubt. Really.


Is there any life after …you quit?

There were two  very encouraging messages among the farewell spam. It’s lovely, when someone takes times to write anything else than any copy-paste-bullshit.

I wish you the very best for the future. The good news is that there IS a life after [company name here] and it’s a good one.

and another one

Today is your last day but tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life…


Yesterday I made a controversial effort  to look non-profesional in  at the office to manifest my new life! It was a great day. And the only day in my life I got paid so well!

Today is the first day of unemployed me. I have no employer. I don’t  I need one now.

I want to enjoy the free ride for a while. Till the next idea will  blow my mind!

Photo challenge : Contrasts

I like Fridays because of Photo Challenges. It’s a good kick to remember my pictures, go through some archives,  to get inspiration to shoot till next Friday…

The first picture-maybe the most straightforward – I took almost accidentally with my iPhone, but it  was the best way to express my grief in situation I landed at that time…

I will think about more contrasts later this week.


In reply to  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/contrasts/