Bad luck on local date and mind blowing peonies

My local date, I was so sure about yesterday,  was bad.  Actually it haven’t happen today. Bad luck? Youngsters are not reliable? Am I  on his priority list? Definitely not. He is not on mine either.

Weird enough, when people work within walking distance. 15 min on feet is more than enough for both to meet in a nice place after working hours. Mr. Age Gap   failed to make a grand entrance. Minus ten points. Or even more.


He can still earn lost  points to make us even. Late night phone call  covered myriad of topics (too many as for  the first day) – from open air alternative  music festivals, FIFA world cup and players we like,  to everyday habits,  favorite films and flowers. If I see him on the newly set date with amazing  bunch of peonies, I may melt away. Actually peonies make me  melt. Not completely though.  It’s the season of peonies here now: weddings with peonies,  people buy these flowers  for  lovers, colleagues, wives, mothers and daughters, to congratulate  graduates and newlyweds. Singles buy peonies themselves. I  live a month of peonies now. And can’t get  enough of them – color, smell, form and beauty.

Got a call from Mr. Age Gap on my way home.  Millions apologies for canceling (or not planing ) the of date and a sweet warning  “I just didn’t  want you feel neglected….”

I have a bouquet of  peonies in my left hand, sleep deprivation in my mind , hunger in my body  and my daughter coming  back home tonight. I can plan my  idle evening. But on the way back home few questions  were popping out  – do I apply the same rules and standards  to men of my age  and to youngsters?  Am I more  liberal  with younger man –  expecting less and  forgiving more? It seems so. Weird.

I know the answer. Peonies. They blow  my mind!  But the season is short and I should enjoy it to the fullest. In spite of consequences.