The last day in the office

The last day in the office

My last day at work is tomorrow.
It’s like a signing divorce papers after 15 years of being married to the company. I was happily married and I will be happily divorced. For the second time in my life. My ex-husband was an asshole, but my ex-company was excellent.

We have our past, but in this particular case there is only me who has the future.
I made a cake tonight and I will get up and shine tomorrow.
Who said, that divorce is not a good reason to celebrate?


Why to write and why to read

No, I don’t look like this Lady with a red hat on this pottery of unknown artist. My wine is never greenish and  my absent glass is smaller. There is always a notepad on the table…
I don’t want to brag about how  witty I am in my mother tongue. I am just above average. I like live shows and talking – when chat with friend turns out into something worth memorizing. I never remember.  I am completely wrapped up in the pleasure of dialog, so I forget immediately most of  “verbal pearls”, that  fell down from my mouth…

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Photo challenge : Contrasts

I like Fridays because of Photo Challenges. It’s a good kick to remember my pictures, go through some archives,  to get inspiration to shoot till next Friday…

The first picture-maybe the most straightforward – I took almost accidentally with my iPhone, but it  was the best way to express my grief in situation I landed at that time…

I will think about more contrasts later this week.


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Clasification of communication

Emails are for statements, messages are for emotional tweaks, chats are for unfiltered responses and all video stuff is total distraction – words and meanings are not important, as looking at is.

I am not against any form of communication, visual is fine,  just verbal is verbal and you don’t have the chance to read again. And I like to read and read it…