Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic #1

Reply to my Friday excitement: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/relic/
I like to reply to challenge with one picture. But this time I got too emotional and failed.


It’s my grandma’s home. My mother was born here.
I spent my long childish and reckless summers here.13897283500_73bafd31c9_k(1)
It takes me more than hour to drive here, but I still come to relive my memories, to write, to read, just to be here.

Nobody lives here.  I can see the furniture I adored, look at photographs of people I don’t know, read my letters to grandma, touch  her handbags and dresses…




15 years the house is abandoned, but still full of memories I want to cherish.

14658676313_462e4bb290_kSometimes I come here just to paint it red…

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