Not a date. No peonies. No victory.

I spent 3 hours with him today.  Chatting and bit of drinking. We are from two planets, from two leagues, circles, from different generations. But both were open to listen and to hear.

Former squatter in London, alternative music fan, regular pot-smoker, blond, young guy who lives the life  in easy and joyful way and goes with the flow. He wants to be a Hollander 🙂

He asked for one kiss and got it. As admitted in his text message after our meet up:  he was too shy to kiss me more than once on the cheek.

It was like talking to a stranger who is next to you on the train. As soon as train stops, people go their own ways.

His way was to downtown. My way was  to Spain – Chile game on FIFA World Cup.  Bad day for Spain. Tomorrow will be better anyway – Spain will get The New King.  Amigos, you  just can’t have everything – you get either peonies or roses, victory or king.

Good bye Mr. Age Gap! Good luck.