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Is there any life after …you quit?

There were two  very encouraging messages among the farewell spam. It’s lovely, when someone takes times to write anything else than any copy-paste-bullshit.

I wish you the very best for the future. The good news is that there IS a life after [company name here] and it’s a good one.

and another one

Today is your last day but tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life…


Yesterday I made a controversial effort  to look non-profesional in  at the office to manifest my new life! It was a great day. And the only day in my life I got paid so well!

Today is the first day of unemployed me. I have no employer. I don’t  I need one now.

I want to enjoy the free ride for a while. Till the next idea will  blow my mind!


The last day in the office

The last day in the office

My last day at work is tomorrow.
It’s like a signing divorce papers after 15 years of being married to the company. I was happily married and I will be happily divorced. For the second time in my life. My ex-husband was an asshole, but my ex-company was excellent.

We have our past, but in this particular case there is only me who has the future.
I made a cake tonight and I will get up and shine tomorrow.
Who said, that divorce is not a good reason to celebrate?

His last woman

13899821013_95fbcec6f7_z– You were his number one on this priority list, and even more, you were actually the only one on his list!

– We can say a lot in past tense, but  counts  only what we do in present tense.

It sucks to be the last and the most important woman in someone’s life for 66 last days and to get that statement delivered in words after…. not in actions before…