Proposal in the morning after a night without sex

Early morning in bed. Soft, lazy…

-Do you want some coffee or water, sweetie?

-Water, please,  – I feltl really thirsty after night party…

-What we are going to do today? We need to buy a carpet, mattress, we can have brunch in the downtown…
-We will buy a carpet, a mattress and  will we get married then?

-Will you marry me?

– Let me think if or where  it’s legal:))))


Explosion of laugh and coffee splashes on bed sheets.

Have you ever got a marriage proposal after a night without sex?

Nice lazy joyful morning in bed after girls pajama party…. just long time friends. Nothing sexual.

Should I consider that proposal as the last chance for marriage???

P.S.  I know, it was a warning before. …