Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer lovin #1

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The whole week I spent at the seaside. The first time – the whole week in so many years – the weather was hot and  no rain. Water was wet and refreshing,  be default,  but  not  warm enough as always.

I love certain things about the summer. Long hours of light and if I am  in the right mood I can take pictures 24/7. I was not in the best mood this time most probably.  Or noticed challenge title just too late.

Beach  marketing:


The best time for book


Let’s make music, let’s dance, feel the beat!IMG_4523

Don’t rain on my parade

IMG_4515Time to go home


Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers. Memories

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The container of dedications and memories:


Artworks mounted on the walls of the Literatu street in Vilnius dedicated to the  writers, translators, everyone who has link with Lithuania and is important for Lithuanian or world literature.

Project started at 2008 is pure private social initiative.

More about it here http://www.literatugatve.lt/?id=43

I have few favorites there:

13363858985_2c7867dace_b 13363880015_250c6f4a9f_b




Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic #2

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RELIC – an object surviving from an earlier time, esp. one of historical or sentimental interest.

It’s straightforward, but true…


13738620613_ca89fd2c38_kIn Ljubljana, Slovenia, shoes are high…

14268213706_ac5210acb6_oIn Moscow, Russia…


In Brussels, Belgium, every second shop is selling someone’s relics..