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Meeting with Latin Lover

It finally happened. Me and my online Latin lover. In Real Life.

Despite me being in his town, despite being there for a week chances to meet were high and low at the same time. Because of my and his work schedules, his business trip during this week, him being married and having quite tough his private life schedule, where any random girl can hardly be penciled in.

It was the second try to meet.  And the second chance we usually give to ourselves, not to other people. So true.

In short: it was the most lively, relaxed, unconstrained meeting with someone from online dating site. The shortest too. Generous welcome kiss, hugs, kissing in the cafe people watching us, and then the rest.

The chemistry was there and the top quality of it. Oh God, it was awesome. I almost have been forgotten what it was all about when you go with the flow… We all know the moments when the wave comes and takes you, it can blow your mind, you don’t know where you are and who you are. You suddenly forget your name and you don’t know theirs, it’s not important where is his wife and where is my boyfriend,  when eyes and hands are busy exploring each other.  No decisions, no forecasts, expectations, no promises, no excuses, no plans, no regrets, just plain pleasure of meeting. In situations like this  both  are overwhelmed with emotions, passion and feelings. Both don’t lie to each other, neither to  themselves, both are in love every minute that day at that time.

You know what I am talking about: waves, tornado,  lightnings or any other natural disaster – you can name it as you wish. Love can be momentary. Short. Exciting and memorable. It’s   amazing  when you feel loved and adored, despite it lasts only 45 minutes. Or less. Without sex.

Is there anything to do with the country? Further to the south – more joy of life?  Southern  guys can be with you for a limited time, but act like you are the biggest love of their life. They are capable to love someone whom they will never see again…Lucky bastards! Northern girls should learn this!

P.S. BTW, we looked as a nice happy couple, if the mirrors didn’t lie…


Magic of online fairy tales for Wi-fi knights and offline Cinderellas

IMG_7392 copy

My online  Latin lover…A sweet creature, romantic, masculine, hot,  poetic, well read, well travelled, the man who is a wonderful partner for meaningful and long conversation. My ping-pong partner or marry me. or  Desired. Letters of lust.

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Wind of change


– What are going to do now?- it was the only question,  if I only mentioned quitting my job.
– I gonna have well deserved summer holidays, will think about new ideas and maybe I will get married, – my answer was funny and honest.

I had nothing but the world to embrace. I was tired and wanted to have suntanned legs, to travel, to meet new people. Move somewhere far away and live my ideal laptop lifestyle. Words about marriage were only self protecting shell to reflect my laid back attitude to the problem of being jobless.

I am not dating a guy, but who cares?
It’s good to be unemployed.
Eating blueberry cake the whole day…
The rest will follow: suntanned legs, the different time zone and one day my wedding dress with pockets…

Be brave to say out loud what you wish for,  it may happen. Very soon.

Clasification of communication

Emails are for statements, messages are for emotional tweaks, chats are for unfiltered responses and all video stuff is total distraction – words and meanings are not important, as looking at is.

I am not against any form of communication, visual is fine,  just verbal is verbal and you don’t have the chance to read again. And I like to read and read it…