Lost in NYC. Letters of lust

I know. He said it at the very beginning. He is taken. But we have got and keep getting so much fun from our sensual  message exchange, we just can’t stop.

Is he unfaithful? Am I?  We just pretend we live in a world where everything is possible… When online:)

HIM:  Back from NYC
Thinking of you…

ME:  I am dreaming about NYC few months in a row..
Love NYC. Let me know when you are there next time 🙂

HIM: I will 😉
When was last time you were there?

ME: 7 years ago. Was thinking to go there this year. From July I will be completely free…unemployed and able to embrace the world…Centralpark

HIM:  Any favorite place in NYC?

ME: Many;) Volare in Greenwich Village,
Few places in Central park, Brooklyn bridge…

HIM: I love Greenwich Village, I went to Otto but Volare looks nicer, I will go there next time…
I have a friend in Brooklyn, I crossed the bridge walking 😉
I love the Conservatory and the model boats in Central Park

And I love your lips ;-)))))

ME: It’s a pity I have no friends in NYC 😦 Have you been there for business or pleasure?

HIM: I have been there for pleasure, one week vacation
I would love to travel with you… anywhere
I send you a thousand kisses… everywhere

ME:Lucky dude in NYC!I was pretty busy with hundred kisses here;)

HIM:  No! I don’t believe. Did you get hundreds of kisses?
Do I need to be jealous? ;-)))))
ME: Furious! Not only jealous:)

HIM:  Share with me…

ME: It’s good to feel  loved, adored, kissed 😉

HIM:  I agree ;-))
If you are happy, I am happy…

ME: I am not completely happy. Flings are good, but relationships are better.

HIM:  I love you too ;-)))))
And I miss you too…
Flings, with an “s” at the end ? 😉
Sounds like an interesting week… aren’t you going to share it with me?
ME:  I would rather share with you our things;)
HIM: I want to share our things… and I would love you sharing some of your things with me… you have such an extremely sexy brain…
ME:Having sexy brain makes ordinary conversations much more exciting…
HIM:  There is no ordinary conversation when you are around…
And not only your brain is sexy…
ME:You are the Master of  flirt. Or Mr. Seduction…
HIM: You don’t leave me any other option…
And you are Miss of Escape ;-)))))

ME:I leave all my options open…you just don’t use any…

HIM: You just did it again!!! ;-)))))


ME: Really? Are we playing different games? Are we playing the same game with different rules? Do we want to get different results at the end of game? Do we enjoy the game itself?

HIM:  If I am playing a game, I am playing the game of love.
I am falling in love with you.
I think of you every single moment.
I wait anxiously for your emails.
I am desperate for all my colleagues to leave and be able to skype with you.
I would love to travel around the world with you and make love in luxurious hotels in the five continents…
At the same time, I am very aware that I am not single and that I have very little to offer.
If I were single, we would have already met in Berlin, taking romantic walks and kissing each other in every corner, drinking white wine and starting to get undresses in the elevator of the hotel, unable to wait to go to  bed, and making love from sunset to sunrise
Not being single leaves this, for the time being, as a dream. Nobody knows what will happen in the future, but as I have very little to offer, I feel I do not have the right to play the game as I would love to.
Of course, if you ever come to XYZ, or if you feel like traveling to AB or CD (my two business destinations), I would be delighted to make my dreams come true.
My Dear, if you want to make me happy, move to  XYZ;-))))
My Dear, what can I do to make you happy? I prefer your happiness to mine…

ME:Please never ever write things like that again. Please…

It’s a fair play and we both understand the rules. And nevertheless reading these lines made my eyes wet unexpectedly. What happens online, stays online.
Let’s joke, let’s flirt, let’s talk and smile, let’s make stupid things, but please never be serious and  never be back to offline reality.
I saw a picture while reading your message. It hurts. Not virtually. In real life.