Me, myself and I

Professionally engaged ( but ready to break off),  legally divorced, emotionally unattached, privately loyal, intellectually busy, technologically literate mentally stable, physically healthy, psychologically steady, politically correct. And single again at my 40+.

I can’t resist the luxury of good movies, books, inspiring or refreshing communication, I have an incredible talent for splashing out too much on travels, shoes, heady& mind-blowing perfumes along with other saucy urges. I like my mind being seduced but always keep my eyes widely open – both professionally and privately.
I know, that I’m far from perfect, an acquired taste probably:) So I’m well aware I am not everyone’s cup of coffee, but I’d rather be someone’s shot of tequila anyway…

So I live my best days and I enjoy the present:  I am falling in and out of love. Flirting with my independence. Embracing life. Drafting a book. Learning new things. Perfect timing for that, because Prince Charming took a wrong turn and got lost; maybe one day he will come along and sweep me off my feet, because falling in love unexpectedly is so damn beautiful…

Writing is  a way to talk to myself ( not  only – as I see – thanks a lot for visiting)  and figure out lot of things, I want  to make my English better and my mind clearer.  I live in a tiny European country,  speak few languages and English is my second one ( learned it  at school and university).  My friends don’t know about this blog, hope my enemies either.  And I feel great with any visitors popping in  here. You are very welcome!


Just if you want to drop me a line…



Hey! I know, you you got something to say!

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