When I was a kid, I was more than 100 % sure that people in my night dream have the same dream the same night. And in the morning all of us can talk about what have happened to us. Continue reading Dreams



My homemade bread

Some woman truly believe, that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach.

The evolution of this saying: the American statesman John Adams wrote in a letter , ‘The shortest road to men’s hearts is down their throats’.

I think they aim far too high, actually.

Most probably the blow job, not homemade bread is the shortest way to man’s heart?



Nothing else, only morning says the whole truth about the night…

Sometimes amazingly painful.


Men in uniform


The same question again:

-Would you like window or aisle seat?

And the same my answer again:

-Any, just next to any handsome guy. Continue reading Men in uniform


Be and bi

redin ice

I never date bi-guys, I usually am friends with them. Period.

Just one example Рwith bisexual woman  a man can live happily ever after, but for woman to have a bi-boyfriend, who can easily get the best blowjob in town, is extremely risky.

Guys are on a sunny side most of the time.


Other shades of grey

You feel young enough, still attractive and drop dead sexy.
You still get lot of attention.
One day you just notice few grey ones among your pubic hair and get an appointment at waxing salon.

In a hour you are clean as a whistle and feel young again.
Guys,  please never ask women why do they do waxing.

Sometimes the reason is just get rid of few shades of grey.





Two stories about the same. Two story tellers. Two different families, two different lives. Continue reading Rope