Honest vs….

Sometimes we do write letters supposed to change something. Or everything. Sometimes we write letters with the silent hope they will change nothing.

Sometimes I  feel like I am too honest to be  on the safe side. I say things in advance instead of  keeping my mouth  shut.  Sometimes I force people to do their own decisions based on my honesty, despite I am afraid of these decisions.

My dear,  I was thinking a lot about you tonight,
About me being provocative and you being vulnerable.  About me being emotional and you trying to be rational. Me – too open and you  – drawing your  own conclusions.
About present, past, words and their meanings, fear of changes and our preferred type of sexual relationships.
About us, both reading each other as a book, both missing each other and unread pages.
About us being in the relationship, that has no definition or title yet.
You are the person I like to be with: talk, be silent, correspond,  kiss, smile, play word games. It’s great to be with you, just to be. 

I know , being f***ing honest with each other is far more great than just f***ing…. But if I had kept my mouth shut I would have been much happier today …