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Mr. Right CEO

Some nice memories one can find in a stack of drafts. 

Sweet summer’2014

Despite being full time unemployed, I am part time busy. Volunteering, helping out my friends with their business and trying to stay a bit  distant from all that jazz with career track.

Like a guy, who are deadly afraid of a new connection after  breakup of long term realationship. Me too.  It was too good to be true.

I don’t want to be engaged again too early.  Professionally.

I have professional flings, short-term, long distance relationships, ONS, FwB.

I didn’t get any proposal yet. Still waiting for an irresistible one from Mr. Right CEO.





The last day in the office

The last day in the office

My last day at work is tomorrow.
It’s like a signing divorce papers after 15 years of being married to the company. I was happily married and I will be happily divorced. For the second time in my life. My ex-husband was an asshole, but my ex-company was excellent.

We have our past, but in this particular case there is only me who has the future.
I made a cake tonight and I will get up and shine tomorrow.
Who said, that divorce is not a good reason to celebrate?