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No message is a message

Our Father, who art in heaven…  Give us this day our daily bread…

14220177120_bd95dfc6e4_zI was waiting and waiting and when no message  came, I
understood that it had been from you…


Desired. Letters of lust


Tell me about hot Italian women
Russian men are awkward.


You should have been in Rome
Not a single hot italian woman…
It is raining in Barcelona now
If you come, you will get wet…


I don’t need rain to get wet.
I need a man for that.
Or my own thoughts about him….


Do you think you would be able to tell me about it this evening on Skype?
Wet you
Hard me
Flying us…


it would be so sweet
I will be at the airport and it might be possible
or on plane back home and it will be not possible
it would be wonderful to think about both us flying away
to meet up on the same spot on earth
to put on red dress and then to take it off
or not…




Good name for  airline…


impossible to Skype tonight
I will be flying with DESIRED tonight
Have a wet night…

It made my day :) #2 or being a treasure

Me:  No response please.  I will read tonight and reply tomorrow.
I feel like I am stealing too much of your time.

Him: You are not taking my time.  I am just using it to get to know you. Since you are a treasure it is time well invested I think. If I ever change my mind you will be the second one to know.

 I know THAT day will come, but it made my today,  so who cares 🙂 Cheers!

in vino


Farewell letters

Will you?

I really miss handwritten letters. With dancing letters, few corrections, lines going up or down. Love letters with  a modest splash of the favorite perfume, that hopefully awakens memories of the receiver…

How to say good-bye to someone, if you don’t know the address to give to snail  for  your handwritten letter delivery? How do sayonara letters look like? How do bye-bye letters sound? How these letters are read – silently or out loud? Once or many times? Secretly or to the audience as well? What do these letters raise  – anger, relief, need for revenge, satisfaction or tranquility?

Is it necessary to say good bye, if you had  sizzling online romance and the things turned out to be a fizzle offline? If you don’t care, you just turn around and walk away silently (or loudly?).

It’s fair to say good-bye, I need that to move forward . It’s polite, it’s honest, it’s rewarding.  But at the same time there is something very selfish in writing goodbye letters. They  keep you fucking firmly from going back… Last week I was struggling with  contradictory feelings  writing two letters  and  my friend dropped me  a line full of his wisdom:

Regarding farewell letters, I think you just send one when you (consciously or unconsciously ) do not want the story to finish… it is the last try to make the others realize what the great person they will be missing…

I can’t  live in the past,  I choose to live in the future. Present is perfect for saying bye. It’s not easy at all.  I always try to remember sincere and warm moments, mention good things I loved about the other person, and honestly wish good luck – why not?  Does it look like I am clingy? No. I just know it’s better for myself than  throwing knives or being angry.

“Love me or hate me, both are in my favor…If you love me, I’ll always be in your heart…If you hate me, I’ll always be in your mind.” William Shakespeare

If you love and you are loved, you stay, if  don’t – you write a nice goodbye letter and walk  away with peaceful  and open mind. You need to get your heart and your mind back. Always after.

No regrets,  just thankful for this life lesson and ready for another one…

Do you write farewell letters or do you receive them? What was the best one?  Please share!


You should write farewell letters , even if sometimes they arrive too late or never, because you can learn you were his last woman…