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Weekly photo challenge: Abstract

Abstract   is a great idea!


What and how can be (or is) abstract?

Abstract as an oposite to concrete?

Does “abstract” mean no details?

Abstract is a concept, not a story?

The photograph tells nothing about the  past nor about the future…There is no story behind and no story in front of…

Abstract forces to think, not to feel?

Conceptual vs detailed? Empty  vs full? Colorful vs monochromatic? Rational vs emotional as abstract vs concrete? Cold vs warm?

Love, hate, miss, disappointment are abstract?

What does make picture abstract – visuals or titles?

More questions than answers…

Eternal vs temporary. Life vs death.


An abstract yellow spot? Lemon as a funny present. With the past. in the present  and with the future dilemma  -to make lemonade or grab tequila&salt?

Writers’s block. No ink, but still full.
I put my feet into the pool. Urban concept.


Loneliness? Pride?