Shorten blog post or extend one night stand?


Last week I went to one creative writing workshop. Interesting, with people I admire a lot. But even after this workshop I have no answer to the question – how to make my writings shorter?

Cut to pieces? Go straight to the point? No adjectives?

Sometimes we buy book because we want, but never open them because it seems too thick. We press Like on FB without reading the post. We kiss without thinking why we do that. Is that a curse of our lifestyle, when the smaller – the better? The shorter – the better? The faster- the better?

Do we still want to have time-rich experiences? Long flings instead of one night stands, potted flowers instead of cut ones, articles, not only headlines, conversations not only text messages?

I am tired of pills instead of healing tea. And most probably will never be able to trim or strip my long posts.