Magic of online fairy tales for Wi-fi knights and offline Cinderellas

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My online  Latin lover…A sweet creature, romantic, masculine, hot,  poetic, well read, well travelled, the man who is a wonderful partner for meaningful and long conversation. My ping-pong partner or marry me. or  Desired. Letters of lust.

I assume his marriage is a bit toxic, but it’s only my  guess, it’s topic none of us want to talk about. And never did. Couples are happy in their own ways. Assuming everyone in this  creepy world  wants a bit of secret “me time”, so my Latin lover has this kind of time online. He is a good partner for tough talks too. Even better he is for sweet ones. The Master of Flirt. And wifi Knight.

What game are you playing? I asked him once

If I am playing a game, I am playing the game of love. I am falling in love with you. I wait anxiously for your emails. I am desperate for all my colleagues to leave and be able to skype with you. (….I cut here to make a long story short).

At the same time, I am very aware that I am not single and that I have very little to offer. Of course, if you ever come to XYZ, or if you feel like traveling to AB or CD (my two business destinations), I would be delighted to make my dreams come true. ( all his  dreams listed under links above and below ) My Dear, if you want to make me happy, move to  XYZ;-))))

So one day I moved to XYZ.  Nor really. OK, only for 4 nights and 4 days. It was a business trip of two unemployed girls who want to be rich and happy. Breaking news made him extremely happy. 2 weeks notice. I had only a little or no  hope  of meeting him in XYZ in reall life.  I have a certificate of bad practise, I know what I can expect and  when. Despite we were exchanging emails during these days  in XYZ, we never met up  for a quick drink.  Friend of mine, who was working in Spanish speaking country for almost five years, told me about el sindrome de MT (mariconeria tropical):)  If I can’t understand certain things, I am still able to accept them. So I did.

As I  said in  Lost in NYC. Letters of lust :

It’s a fair play and we both understand the rules.
What happens online, stays online.
Let’s joke, let’s flirt, let’s talk and smile, let’s make stupid things, but please never be serious and  never be back to offline reality.
 Magic of online fairytales is more than enough for wifi  knight,s but real life Cinderellas want much more…
The good thing is that project is going smoothly and I will be back in XYZ  soon.
Another good thing is that I met another guy from online site after 20 mins of message exchange.  Quick  drink turned into  an amusing  long night out in the  part of the city where low life meats high art:  pimps , prostitutes, drug dealers, vintage and boho chicks, wonderful views, amazing people and nice bars.
By the way, this guy is British and we haven’t had sex. But that is another story.

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