Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer lovin #3

Delayed reply to  Friday excitement:        http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/summer-lovin/

The third thing I love about summer is wide-brim hats:) The bigger, the better.

The hat is an awesome accessory during summer.  At the seaside. In the town.  I can  list at least  few advantages immediately:

  • You can be observed from far away, you stick out of the crowd, you are never lost and always found,
  • The head is never  overheated,
  • If the wind blows away your hat, it’s an easy way to start amusing  acquaintance;
  • It’s easy to hide myself  under  the wide brim  when I want to observe  or don’t want to be observed,
  • I look casually elegant even with shorts;
  • Wine shop assistant is extremely polite while looking  for the certain bottle of bubbles…