Safety Instruction on board and in parenting


My daughter was five y.o.  when I started work in the company I am about to leave now.

I was traveling a lot during last 15 years. It was a challenge for me to be divorced mom without a ex-husband but still dad, who suddenly forgot all his duties and responsibilities.

My parents took a good care of my daughter during my business trips. I took a good care about her when I was back.

My most important project is almost completed. Not professional. She is grown up girl and I can’t be more proud of her.

My child’s  interests and well-being was the top priority for me. Always.  Not my social, private or very private life. Not my friends, suitors, lovers. I have big regrets about that. To keep  child happy and loved you don’t need to be just full-time mum and skip your personal life. Your life  as lover, friend, colleague after working hours, stranger for chat, writer, listener,  amateur painter…etc.

Now I see what mistakes I made raising her.  Small and big, important and silly. The biggest one?

I’ve never listened to safety instructions on board. And never thought how clever they were.  One of them  can be copied &pasted to real life. For moms and dads.

If you are traveling with a child, secure your oxygen mask on first, and then assist the child.

If you have enough oxygen, enough happiness and life in your veins, you will be able to make the your child’s life happier.

Take care of yourself first and your kids will be thankful for that. It’s tried and tested.  Have a safe flight!