About ice, forgiveness and permission in dating

13031440933_4e8f047fff_z It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.  Grace Hopper

Some companies applies this policy to let people be proactive and take initiatives. It’s so true in some situations of dating.  Yes, you want to show the best side of yourself at the start. You try to make cautious moves not to break down whatever is about to build. It’s so nice when you have more time left in your life. People sometimes  ask for permission instead of just taking a step.  It’s so sweet to ask “May I kiss you?” before kissing – it creates tension. I don’t want to have a choice. I want to see an action. And contemplate after, not before.  I really like unexpected acts – they are  the reflection of instant, despite not always long-lasting intentions. Refreshing.

Let’s imagine:  I am in a bathroom taking shower. If I hear  from a guy ( in the very beginning of anything  that may turn into something great     in the future)   “May I join you?”,  I  most  probably will say” no”- I know myself, I know how quickly a bunch of  unnecessary thoughts and doubts will occupy my mind .   If he knocks and comes in without asking a permission,  I most probably  accept that.  And then I can kick him out. In this case he can step back and say “sorry” . No offense.

Life is about the examining thickness of ice, before stepping on it. Dating is all about that.