Friendship to be spoiled with sex? No way.

We were chatting  about different experiences in our online dating. Good and bad. Expectations, situations and connections we made and sex we had.

Him: I met a girl from another country who came to my town, we went out – she was smart, funny, beautiful.  Ended up having superb sex half night long. And are still friends online.. Probably will meet again. So far no bad experience that you couldn’t also have meeting IRL

Me:  That’s good! I am friends with few guys as well, but we haven’t had sex 😉 but spent amazing time in different cities – me or they  were good guide few times there.

Him: I can have sex and be friends 😉

Me: Me too, but sometimes it’s not necessary. Can you also be friends after awkward sex with someone???

Him: Yes. I am.

Me: I don’t want to spoil  amazing friendship with awkward sex. It may have an impact on my friendship – images of silly or really bad things will haunt me.  It’s a pity you can’t figure out what kind sex between you gonna before it’s over…

Are girls over-complicating things by default? It’s more pleasant to know that our friends are just superb and we even don’t want to know any of their intimate secrets  nor  share our mutual sexual fails with them?