The second guy in bed

His son.

Ain’t that weird enough?

Initial light, easy,  flying in the air and a bit shocking  idea suddenly fell down on me like a  summer rain – refreshing afterwards, but heavy  and unexpected at the moment.

OK, I am most probably a bit old-fashioned gal. But again, acting with full power of my brain involved I listened and tried to understand what my suitor trying to sell.  I was trying to push my boundaries too.

So two men in a household waiting for someone to pop in and stay. For short or long-term.

So … semi-objective reasons for the set up I was not  ready to buy yet: (no corrections of his text, just tidbits of chat)

First it comes from the logical perspective – in case that son will live with us, it is very natural that he would look after you;
Every young man will try to get what he has in front of him
you know also that spending a lot of time together makes people close , so it is very logical that there would be ideas, even if maybe hidden and not admitted
and I believe that is valid for both sides somehow
that does not mean that always happens something, but at least fantasies are coming for sure
so, based on the logic is next thing better to agree about
it makes less problems in the family
it makes life easier and more comfortable for all involved
so, my “deal” with son
as long as you agree also to have something with him, I have nothing against under the condition that i know about
I don’t need to know about every spicy detail, but in general
and honestly I believe that that is also a good deal for you and for me it is also somehow sure, that it would not be just simple fuck, but more in the direction of making love too…

Yes, he is not my son, but still he was the main  concern – someone, who is at my daughter’s age;  he was chosen for me..  I was clueless if I even like him… I tend to over-complicate things, but in this case I just was very rationally translating  his arguments, so…

  • 80% children in their country live with parents till 30 + or even longer, so it seemed  inevitable to see  both  living together.
  • People who live under the same roof become close, young and boiling blood can have different fantasies or wishes, so it might happen even in normal set up…
  • They  lost the woman they both loved a lot – wife and mother – and got very close during years, when the boy was turning into the man.
  • Youngster is at right age – permanently horny and uncommitted – perfect situation for taking him on-board.
  • Son and father – they are allies forever. Blood is thicker than water, so no long discussions to lend a helping hand ( or dick).
  • Father can control and manipulate him due to youngster’s age, financial and emotional dependence.

Pretty logical.  I had to sleep with this idea first, before sleeping with them… At that moment I had no clue, what a card he was hiding in another sleeve!


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