My ping-pong partner or marry me

8925623378_b33dab49c4_zDating was never been so fun. Email ping-pong  with subject lines full of seduction.  He is far away, we are intellectually equal and both have great fun. We had great  time online discussing stories we read, books we buy, fruits we eat, festivals we attend, art we enjoy,  secret dreams we have… And yes, we like each other and spend time on Skype few times a month. And will most probably we will never meet. 2500 km quite a way to go and it somehow keeps us distant and playful at the same time.

From Him to me:
Subject: Lady in read, grey or..
What do wear today?
From Me to him:
Subject: Snow white 

 I am white and shiny.     (thinking about my white silver coated pullover)

From Him to me:
Subject: ?
Will you marry me?

From Me to him:

Subject: It hurts

I was waiting for similar reply, when realized how ambiguous was my color code:) My answer is No….  All fairy tales end up with wedding … And that is the end 😦

From Him to me:
Subject: I will handle it

I have to admit that at first I was very disappointed about you not marrying me, but you are right, usually the wedding is the end of the story, and I do not want this story to end at all, so now I am very happy about not marrying you…

From Me to him:
Subject: Happy Dude

I’ve never seen a man so happy when his proposal is rejected…

Two days deadly silence in my inbox

From Me to him:
Subject: Have you..?

Have you happily divorced me before marrying? Just curious if I can date out other guys now?

From Him to me:

Subject: Forever…

 Maybe I will never marry you, but I can assure you that I will never divorce you either… Don’t ask me if you can date other guys, you know the answer… you can… only if they are uglier than me 😉
I have just had two very busy days.

Forever yours,

Waiting for Skype  call.  It seems like we have a committed relationship now. .. We will crack jokes  about that tonight!