Back to dating – looking for friends

I am back on dating site after a while. After my 66 days of mind-fucking experience with the horse of Prince Charming -three night stand without butterflies being the last woman, thinking of perfect set up 2in1 or 3in1 after I quit my corporate career; having enough sex for a while  in a quite harbor and writing a book. Or two. It was a fun to live, and not a shame to write about that. So despite the mind-fucking experience cost me a lot  of certain things, it gave me something I would never acquired in another way. I will tell  the tidbits of the story  here … Stay tuned.

So I am back to dating and new challenges. But on my dating profile I am looking for friends – weird enough?   One wanna-be-friend after a week of correspondence asks me :

When you say you are back here for “non-sexual” relationship, you mean “non-sexual” or “non-physically sexual”? Isn’t talking about sex already some sort of sex?

I don’t know what to say.  Even sometimes I have really dirty talks online ( OMFG, sorry Mom),  I don’t think this is a sort of sex. Sex for me is when two ( at least )  of  involved into sexual encounter  have similar body temperature.  I don’t  count overheated laptops ever.