It made my day :) #4 or gut feeling back!

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On lazy  Saturday morning I was browsing the only online dating site I am on. Good, someone gave me 4 or 5 stars! Let’s check him. 86% match. Not bad. And I can swear, I  haven’t ranked him in return, OKC  decided that is a good thing to do,

Young, -15 and a bit more, educated, tall, interesting. Located in USA, his spoken languages matched mine, but not the mother tongue .  Profile is medium length, pictures different and outstanding ( not in quality, but in content). Solid  prospect for son-in-law.  Then I’ve started to read answers to the questions along with explanations.  Something was different from what i read before. And suddenly I had a strange and warm feeling in my body. No, not in southern department.

So I sent him a message:

Hi there,
OKC just sent this message – we like each other.   I spent some time reading your profile and Q&A. It was refreshing: interesting and different. Was thinking what is a reason for  it.  Your location and languages you speak, main picture and  lines in profile, conventional English and unconventional attitude were contradictory.

Anyway, just wanted to say that something warming was in reading you and about you.:)
Good luck on your search!

And got an immediate response:

I’m {my nationality too – taking into consideration there are only few millions of us:) } , only created this account while abroad, and never bothered to change the location. Even replying in {our mother tongue}  would be so awkward – I’m actually doing it in English. 🙂

And thank you for your compliments, very flattering; you have quite a profile as well.

So then we switched to our mother tongue and had a nice conversation then and never again.

The best thing about that was I physically experienced I have my gut feeling back and I can trust it. It was a good  start of a day.