Island, crying woman and a shrimp

I got a message from my online friend  with the story below.  Is it something you know? It was a new story for me, but generally reflecting the situations we have in life. Most probably it was kind of test my online pen pal wanted to do on me?

Do you know the story of Peter and Louis, who lived with Eva in a very small island?
They were the only people there. Peter and Louis had a boat and spent the day fishing. When they were lucky, they would go to sell the fish to the next island, where Paul and James, the only people there, had a fishing factory. Everybody lived in peace and harmony in the two islands.

One day, in all the stories there is always one day when a small change in the routines makes a big change in people’s live, one day Eva went fishing with Peter and Louis. They were lucky that day and so they went to the next island to sell the fish to Paul and James.
When Eva saw Paul for the first time, she fell completely in love and she was sure Paul was feeling the same. On the way back to her island, Eva was just thinking on going back to see Paul again.


The next day, Eva asked Peter to take her to see Paul. She was so much in love she could not wait a second more. To her surprise, Peter did not accept to take her to the next island. He argued he needed the boat to go fishing. “I need the boat to earn my life. If you pay me 1.000 dollars, I take you there” he said. Eva did not have that money, so she asked Louis.

She was even more surprised by Louis answer: “If we spend the night together and we make love, tomorrow morning I take you to see Paul”. She was shocked. She would have never expected this from Louis. She was very much in love with Paul, she wanted to join him at all costs, but sleeping with Louis was maybe too much. She hesitated and finally convinced herself that one night with Louis was maybe not such a big deal compared to the rest of her life with Paul. So she accepted to spend the night with Louis and the next morning, Louis took her to see Paul.

When she got to Paul’s island, she ran to meet him. He was very happy to see her and they started to kiss each other passionately. She was madly in love and wanted everything to be perfect so she felt she had to tell Paul.
She told him how desperate she was to see him and that the only way she had to join him had been to spend a night with Louis. “What??” Paul got mad when he learnt. “How can you say that you love me and sleep with Louis? How can I trust you now? I cannot be with you anymore! I do not want to see you anymore”

She felt terrible. She could not go back to her island, but even I she had a way to go back, she did not want to. She was completely disappointed by Peter and Louis. She went to the beach and started crying. James happened to pass by and saw her in tears, so he asked her why she was so sad. Eva told him everything. James listened to her and offered her his shoulder. They were both sitting on the beach, looking at a wonderful sunset.
Finally,  James told her: “I do not care about Peter, Louis or Paul. I like you, forget all these guys that do not deserve you, and come to live with me”

I was not sure how to react to this letter. I was not able to rank all characters as he wanted: “How would you rank these 5 characters from the moral or ethical point of view?” It’s weird and labeling – who is better than another, who is generous, who is greedy, who is kind and who is tough.  I just went through this story and replied according my understanding.

  • Peter and Louis and Eva lived in peace and harmony. Good example of  happy household of 3.  Is that possible?  Was it community of good friends or just open marriage?  Seems like not very open, though.
  • Sometimes you can save an amazing amount of money by spending a night with someone.  Sometimes is the opposite 😉 It happens when you pay far more than  you get:))) Or you can save the same amount because of not doing that.  Never happened to me, but it seems like it’s possible.
  • Isn’t extremely strong chemistry the best start for relationship, is it?  All emotions are high, it so amazing,  but  sizzle fizzles shortly. So maybe that is the reason to have one or two night stands and do not convert them to  “relationship”. That is the easiest way to keep excitement very high between the sheets and escape future disappointment in relationship. Maybe it’s a wrong way to go and  I do limit myself… At least  thunderstorm-like start of relationship had never been an issue for me. Poor me.  But as my online friend replied : in my opinion, it is the best way to start for sure. Taking the emotions to the top, and over, is great feelings. I think is better to get to routine after a great start than to start with the routine from the beginning. There is also BIG LOVE after a great start. Why not having a great start every month?  Great start every month – it gonna be exhausting…
  • You  can never be sure about anyone’s  feelings ( Eva/Paul). I sometime question my own ones, so keeping anyone or anything for granted is the quickest way to hell.
  • Woman should always keep her secrets, especially about her sexual partners ( Eva/Paul). When my girlfriend is asked about that by her new guy, her answer  is the same “two”.  Always. It works like magic.
  • Women tend to hear weddings bells too early and too loud. (Eva/Paul). Does that make men ran away? Why to run away, if the bells are ringing not for to you?  You can hear a different music in your head and listen to it….
  • The best time to approach the woman when she is vulnerable and broken. It is  the best way to succeed, and it not always pays back if you have chosen the wrong girls to soothe in grief… But at the same time people who are not on edge, who are secure and confident – they are a real challenge…

I am not Eva.  I most probably can’t be blinded  by love at first sight to make head blowing decisions.

I am like a shrimp – have my heart in my head…it’s not a good thing for human