Adventures and security: 3-in-1?

My new friend engaged in conversation about adventures and security – 2-in-1? I was drinking wine on warm and rainy evening in the  bar on the bank of the river in a city I’ve never been before. That city had everything to do with the topic of our conversation, which was flowing  slowly   and relaxed  like the river nearby.

My new friend  was selling  crap like  “age is on your mind, and if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”. ( Nice saying, but it’s only a very  thin self protecting  shell or reason to justify our weird behavior –  my inner voice rebellious,  but extremely low this time), so I kept listening to  him very carefully.
Him:  Adventure comes from being curious, not from age, even though it is true that young people are usually more curious about everything than mature people.

Me: It’s good, if your brain don’t mind your age, so your body don’t mind it either.  I met lots of curious mature people as well, but the burden of life is always visible on their shoulders. They gained different experience already and in most cases they  irreversibly lost “the unbearable lightness of being”,  which is so exciting, attractive, inspiring and rarely present in mature man…

Him: I am very curious about this “certain” concept of relationship that you are missing. I am sure you were not thinking about a young second man outside the secure relationship, that would be too obvious.

Me: The set up was a classic ménage à trois



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