Pareto principle in online dating


It seems that I have a curse on my on online dating  or maybe  Pareto principle works fine here too.  I  am doing something wrong…

Overview during more than year online

80% of them are from another time zone. Explanation: I live in the middle of nowhere and I can find only 2 guys at my desired age range within the radius of 500 km, assuming everywhere in Europe is near for me… Does it makes any clearer for Americans, who hardly date anyone who is not in the same zip-code area. We in Europe are more flexible, or  desperate?

20% of dates ends between the sheets  and 80% of these dates ended up  with dumping a guy. Nicely, really.   I try to combine my private or business trips with staying  over a weekend, so naturally dates are longer and more likely turns into having sex on the first date. I always have my plan B (hotel is a good escape -just in case- and gives you a needed privacy in all cases).

80% of the guys were of my age, at blooming 50. I never assumed before they have so serious hydraulic problems. My long-term ex, who sometimes gives or receives booty call is 63 y.o. and has perfectly functioning system. My intimate dating discoveries were disappointing, mental – quite challenging.

20% of sex followed by online dating was  really good – with a guy who was  14 years younger – no surprise.

Recent statistics ( this year)

80% of guys I am in contact has the name that starts with J as mine.

80% of them are younger than me. Maximum age gap was 25 years. Minimum – 7 years younger than me.

80%  of prospects to meet live more than 1300 km away.

80%  of opening messages are total crap, consisting  of few letters salutation or immediate  infatuation from the scum of the earth located overseas.

By the way, my profile is quite descriptive with 6 pics – no nudity or too much exposure and I am looking for new friends. Nothing else mentioned.  Age gap  I am comfortable with is  5 years plus or minus  my age.

I really like my  brain being seduced, and it seems like older guys are better at it, but later,  when the time comes for the body  to be seduced you hardly find anything substantial in the offer…

So what I am doing wrong?