Easter vs X-mas


Easter celebration is over. I am back to reality – alarm was snoozed twice during recent 15 minutes…

I  was never thinking a lot about Easter and X-mas in comparison. But  it’s worth doing.

When you are not a kid anymore or not in love nor relationship, Easter is better:

it’s warmer time of the year and you can have breakfast on the grass

you can skip it smoothly and go to sea-and-beach holiday  –  it’s easier  to manage a guilty conscience

no mind-blowing pre-Easter shopping fever

egg decoration can turn out to be very creative time

this year I very much wanted to believe in the miracle of resurrection

And finally – 13962024871_c95bdcbcc8_z

I like bright  mornings and Sunday breakfast with bubbles, so Easter combines it to perfection.

I forgot most probably something really important on my way back to post-Easter routine. But you  have even more arguments – please share