Easter resolution: no One-Night-Stands

A dialog  I had 2 months ago.
It was a question first.
– Do you still grab a chance for one night stand if possible?
– Yes, if it is very special person and a very special situation.
Plain sex is just sex, and  ONS is nothing more than a lie to myself.  If it happens, it happens,  but if can’t see tomorrow I don’t take tonight. And it’s not about long-term relationship, it’s about being fair to myself.  Rampant sex without intimacy don’t make me feel any better. But I never say never to ONS. I had nice ones and never regretted.

But  two months passed with  Three Nights Stand included  (provoked in some measure by question above) and  I changed my mind. I made my Easter resolution : No ONS till next Easter.

People are fed up with fast food, fast sex and fast feelings. People could be fed up even with honey. They want to taste and enjoy to remember.  Me too. One night is just not enough for that…Three can’t do the job either.

Dear God, please help me to fail epically!