Adventures and security – 2-in-1?

IMG_7100 raudoni bateliai

One guy sent me a message, referring to my essay on dating site.

Are you getting to a conclusion on your question about one or two guys to experience security and adventure at the same time?
Isn’t 2 guys more adventurous and secure than just one?

And I had to answer him, and myself…

That question was always at the back of my mind. And never had enough time to ponder over it properly. Let’s say, recently I was very open to certain concept of relationship. It was a weird idea for me at first, and then I even liked it, but the prospect relationship with the originator of this idea ended before even giving a real try.

So now I just miss not the relationship itself,  but the idea!

So in this concept was everything what I’ve never thought may happen in one set up – adventures, security, passion.  But  since it never happened, I am not sure if that is possible to have all that in one basket and at the same time not to lose respect, trust and self-confidence.
Since real men are the rarity and housework routine proved, that 2in1  never works as good as two perfect special products.

Security normally is expected from a mature man and adventures – from youngster 🙂  So… It seems that you always need 2 persons.   And sometimes that second happen to be  outside the  relationship. Not so many men in emotionally committed relationship can accept or even encourage that:)
So, I think that is a topic for discussion – 2 in 1 or 1 and 1. Or maybe security is enough to make relationship last forever?