Living life …a shame or pleasure?

DSC_9259 copyWe do serious things, we do stupid things, we do risk, so we drink champagne; we don’t see red flags and never use the white ones; we pay and get for free; we do trust and hate; we believe in miracles tomorrow and we stick to the reality today. One moment we are about to give away our independence and the next moment we are so happy to have our life back.

We do live. According to our own rules, understanding and  we even try to push some boundaries. Successfully or not.But  we have stories  to think, to talk and remember about.

As A.V. said, it’s worth living a life which is a pleasure to remember and  a shame to tell about…

I live a colorful and a bit bittersweet  life, which is interesting to remember and no shame at all to write about. Current chapter of my book seems to be very interesting and long (?). It’s a pity I succeed to write only 1/10 part of the story yet. But I really enjoy every second of writing it, the same as  playing part in that story:)