New Year awards

IMG_9161I never do New Year resolutions. It’s like a cage built for living.

You know in advance you would be the happiest person to escape from it.  I always do my personal annual awards. I did that for years with few exceptions.

It’s so complicated to make that sound in English the same good way as they are in my mother tongue.

It’s odd calculation:  less than 200 nights I spent in my own bed last year and woke up without  alarm  less than on 100 mornings. But there were so many wonderful, awesome, fantastic, cosy  or challenging mornings. Mornings when you are waked up by the smell of coffee, many delightful mornings started on very late afternoons,  dozens of dozens of them were sweet because of morning kisses or tough because of early dog walk. Just imagine Champagne Goddess with bubbles in her veins walking with a dog at 6 am.   There were lots of days, that had  a lonely start and ended with challenging or surprising night.

The year was good to learn that:

  • an empty nest is just awesome, if you know how to use it right
  • you need to let your children go to have them very close forever
  • you need to set beloved people free in order to have warm and painless memories about them
  • every person you loved takes a piece of you heart, but it is anyhow still big enough to love
  • my cooking skills are fading away with sound-speed and I don’t feel sorry for that;
  • things that went wrong were the best part of the day;
  • if something starts in my favorite pub, it can end few hundred kilometers away or deep deep inside ( it’s mostly not about sex, guys, but sometimes yes)
  • it’s so weird to pay for a whore and get a virgin – it is  not rewarding when you order a cocktail

I just double-checked simple truth :
– first impulse is very true and you should follow it
– something what is not perfect and true is better than anything pulled close to perfection
– when you do wait nothing more suddenly something extraordinary happens
– if friends are friends, they will call you whatever you told them last night….
– my daughter is my devoted teacher for last 20 years – I have a lot to learn from her
– if you were afraid to do something, you would be killed slowly by poisoned thoughts about the things that never happened. So do that.

There were a lot of nominations and awards on New Year eve. Every single of them was the part of my year and it was a pleasure to shuffle these memories again.

My NY wishes for my friends were woven from my experiences, so I wish you:

to measure the distance between you and your beloved ones only by hours spent in order to hug them,

to miss someone with lot of warm and hope

to be very special for someone not because of something

to have never emptying bottle of your  favorite perfume

to enjoy heady delusions but never lose yourself

to have cozy mornings after hot sizzling nights

to be  strong enough to let them go and  brave enough to engage

to have a lot of first times and the last – the only one

I know, I am living my best time now.

Every day. I wish the same to all of you.