First times

You live if you are still  ready to experience your first times.

With grace and lust. Without  fear and prejudice.

At certain age life seems so achingly predictable. People. Weather. Starts. Endings. No charming surprises. Just the colorful memories from the past can infuse a moderate portion of moving spirit to your life.

But  even at the age when on public transport you are occasionally accused of wearing too short dress for your age you still have something left to experience for the first time.

The sound of your name pronounced with accent – correct and sweet, taking into account the circumstances;

Noticeable changes of your eye color – no one told about that before. No one really  looked soooooo close?

Compliments and craziness about your broken nose, which was scheduled to be fixed;

Extremely long farewell kissing session at the airport before departure. Not so many departures to remember when kisses were uncountable;

Far making close and close making closer with few words and touches.

And series of kisses on my palm 🙂 Unexpected and therefore more valuable.

Playing with water drops is often awarded with a rainbow. Do we care to see it often? Do we play with water to make  a rainbow?  Do we dance in a rain?  Are we ready to see a rainbow? Or playing itself  is more than rewarding?

I want to live another day to see what it brings me. Rain.  And rainbow!