When I was a kid, I was more than 100 % sure that people in my night dream have the same dream the same night. And in the morning all of us can talk about what have happened to us.

Sometimes I was scared to meet people from my dream, sometimes I wished to meet them.

I was not very much dissapointed revealing that presents from Santa actually were from my parents. I was happy about my generous parents.

But when I realized that my dreams were private, my world was broken.
And never fixed again.

Almost every morning I wish my childish belief was reality.
I still want other people to be in my dreams and remember that.
And especially when you wake up with the bittersweet memory about you dream and weird feeling that night gave you a gift of experiencing something that would never ever happen in reality…

Hope I am not alone and you really miss something that made your childhood world different and better.