Men in uniform


The same question again:

-Would you like window or aisle seat?

And the same my answer again:

-Any, just next to any handsome guy.

and a new reply today:

– So then you should sit in the cockpit, madam. Pilots are the most handsome…

A lot of time to think about the pilot sitting alone in window seat. To be honest, I always try to imagine how the captain of the plane looks like, I usually find their tone of voice very very sexy:) Is that a rule or that is a weird game of our minds, when we are so high above the clouds? Vulnerable, weak, helpless, dependent?

SAS rules  suits me perfectly – the captain is saying god bye to  passengers after flight – time to face imagination with reality.

Do I love men in uniform? Not necessary, but uniforms in a way shapes their bodies in a perfect way (except firemen… )